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A Toast to Hope

A Toast to Hope is an annual fundraising gala for Habitat for Humanity of the Lehigh Valley. This microsite is designed to simplify the registration process for the event and to provide information about the event in one location. The website is coded using Bootstrap which enhances the responsiveness of the website from desktop to mobile. The design is focused on imagery of home reconstruction. The color palette evokes the gala's elegance and loosely follows the color scheme of Habitat for Humanity.

Admin Panel

There is a lot to keep track of for a gala such as A Toast to Hope. As a way to help organize the information pouring in from the website, an administration panel was designed to help assist the team planning the event. The design of the panel is kept very simple and minimal in order to highlight the most important information possible. Data is visualized encapsulating information about the viewers of the website and spreadsheets hold the information about those participating in the event.